Growing and selling a business isn’t luck,
it’s a process and skillset that our team has mastered.
Ignite Partners
Looking to grow your business rapidly and exit within 3 years?

We have the proven team and methodology to make it happen. Explore with us how we can fast-track your business.

What We Do

We work with companies that have already proven market viability and have revenue of at least $1M or 500k+ ARR. For these Ignite Partners portfolio companies, we build 3-year valuation+exit plans and help implement them with our team’s proven methodology. The goal of these plans is to gain optimal market penetration and tech IP creation to maximize the value of the business, resulting in a high-multiple financial exit for the shareholders.

How We Do It

Work and strategize directly with founders and executive team to systemize and prioritize every aspect of the business. Create a journey roadmap and create/increase the company’s IP portfolio to add the most value to the company. Infuse new energy, excitement, and direction into the company culture with one mission in mind: a well-planned significant exit within 3 years.

What We’ve Done

Our team has had several successful exits since 2011. We bring the business and tech experience, proven methodology and industry connections to our portfolio companies that is required for near-certain success. 

Our Approach

We Partner with owners and investors to provide the business technical and operational knowledge to accelerate growth and empower the team to achieve the exit objectives and liquidity.


In order to get our portfolio companies to their highest valuation, we position them as a hot trendsetter in their respective industries.  From innovation to marketing plans, our designed growth plans create brand awareness at every step of the way, with the intended goal of an exit in mind. Internal awareness on values and mission is tied together with legal, operations and financial plans.  

Process Priority

One of Ignite’s core strengths lies in bringing clarity to major functions of your company. We focus and guide on the process for communication and documentation. Our customer-centric processes, for example, ensures a clear path for customer handling and journey during customer acquisition, service, and maintenance. Similarly, product and service-centric processes bring about efficiency in technology planning, execution, and optimization, while keeping a focus on emerging tech innovation. 

Innovative Technology

What emerging technology can give a company an almost “unfair” competitive edge? And how do you go about executing quickly and calculating its ROI? We get it — you’re probably thinking that’s not so easy, especially without a crystal ball. Innovative technology is one of the key areas where our portfolio companies benefit from our input. Our experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data tech along with a complete understanding of the investment world trends makes us unique. Our vision is to elevate high-growth companies through knowledge and technology, so they can attain their highest potential of industry disruption. Our team creates a path of innovation and builds an IP portfolio with the latest tech, firing up value creation to shareholders.

Leadership Team

A team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise
in a range of investment styles, products and services.

Felix Lluberes

Felix Lluberes

Reema Bhatia

Reema Bhatia

Matt Bernhardt

Matt Bernhardt

Ray Brien
VP Financial Consultant